Transportation CI use cases

Transit systems offer an easy target for high order violence. Transit systems combine high visibility with a design created for openness and easy access. The high number of people using public transportation means in predictable routes at fixed times make control and security a demanding challenge. Metro offers a big target for any kind of criminal threats, especially those related with the low intensity crime. It has many potential targets concentrated in a small area that leave the platforms and trains very fast, not to return in many hours. At the same time, metro systems are created to be open and easy to enter and leave fast, making controls very difficult.

Three use cases were prepared regarding Transportation CIs. Stakeholders involved were Transports Metropolitans de Barcelona (TMB) as main subject and Mossos d'Esquadra (Catalonian Police) in its Metropolitan Transport Security Area. Several bilateral meetings were arranged with them to define the use cases detailing the relevant assets, potential threats and a list potential security measures which could be assigned to deal with one or more threats. Also in the meetings the progress of the prototype were shown.

Use cases had as common location the facilities of the metro network of the city of Barcelone, Spain.

The use cases were the following:

  • Bomb in a train during rush hour: it implies the access to any station of a bomb concealed in the luggage or in the personal belongings and the deposit of this bomb in a train. There is no need of trespassing any restricted area.
  • Bomb at metro maintenance facilities during the night: it implies the trespassing of the metro depot and workshop facilities (jumping fences, breaking access doors and so on) and placing a bomb there during the night (while trains are in maintenance and being cleaned).
  • Stabbing during rush hour: This scenario covers the act of stabbing at random in a metro platform during rush hour. It means the use of concealed knives, machetes or other sharp weapons like screwdrivers or even broken glass.