Report of the 2nd Stakeholder´s Workshop

Aschaffenburg, Germany

On November 26th, 2015 the CIRAS consortium welcomed 12 external stakeholders to its second stakeholder workshop in Aschaffenburg, Germany. The stakeholders came from Poland, Germany and Spain.
Whereas the first workshop (held on March,2015 in Katowice) aimed at collecting and structuring user related requirements for the planned CIRAS toolset, the main goal of this event was to do the first steps towards a realistic demonstration of the toolset.
The event started with presentations providing an overview of the project and the three types of assessments performed:
• RRA: Risk Reduction Assessment
• CBA, Cost Benefit Assessment
• QCA, Qualitative Criteria Assessment based on utility functions
With these presentations the basic features and functions of the CIRAS toolset were explained to the audience.
The workshop then continued with two parallel round tables related to Critical Infrastructures (CIs), one related to electrical Energy, the other related to public transportation. The main purpose of the round tables was to identify (a) an initial list of relevant threats to the respective CI and (b) a list potential security measures which can be assigned to one or more threats (prevention and/or mitigation). These lists and tables together with preliminary information about the threatened institution are highly important for the CIRAS consortium: they will form the basis for a subsequent construction of at least one realistic use case for each CI mentioned above to play during the final demonstration.
After the round tables a common discussion followed to compare and comment the findings. The CI operators attending the workshop agreed to support the next steps of the CIRAS project, i.e. the full construction of all use cases and the execution of the final demonstration based on these use cases.