Final Conference

Katowice, Poland

The final conference of CIRAS project will take place on June, 8th, 2016, in Katowice, Poland.

National governments and the EU during the last decade have realized the increasing risks and vulnerabilities of CI operation in Europe, the need to offer support to infrastructure providers in areas which cannot be fully managed by providers alone, and to harmonize instruments and processes across Europe. The CIRAS project is part of this and has been devoted to the advancement of risk management for critical infrastructures in Europe. CIRAS is tasked to follow an integrated view of CIP, including:

    (1) A holistic risk assessment
    (2) Economic evaluation (Cost-benefit assessment) and
    (3) Social and political perception and constraints assessment

We develop an innovative set of tools which takes into account these three driving forces of CI security and protection and, to some extent, the typical critical infrastructure effects of interdependencies of systems and organizations, and of cascading and escalation phenomena as incidents develop.
During the final conference we would be pleased to provide:

    - an overview of the project
    - information and results achieved in the use cases that we have been preparing in co-operation with some stakeholders focused on Energy and Transport Critical Infrastructures.

On top of that, other related projects have been invited to provide an overview of their activities

This final conference will be the third and last public event of the project. Previously, we organized two workshops: one in Katowice, Poland and the other in Aschaffenburg, Germany. With the strong support of the first and very productive workshop with external stakeholders, a large spectrum of needs and requirements were identified and are being implemented into the CIRAS tools. The second workshop was organized to show the methodology and to gather valuable input in order to start defining use cases that could be meaningful and interesting to test in the last stage of the project, i.e. the assessments that CIRAS framework will provide.
This final event will show the progress achieved and how the feedback received in the previous workshops has been taken into account.

A report about this conference is available at this link

Also public presentations made are available in this link