Energy CI use cases

Power plants are mostly very large and complex facilities and of high national or international relevance. Therefore they need extended protection especially against terrorist attacks.

Three use cases were prepared as far as Energy Cis are concerned. They were carried out in cooperation with one of the biggest energy operators in Poland which provides energy to several million of private and business customers.

The use cases were the following:

  • Bomb brought to a power plant and to a substation: simulating that a person has succeeded to pass the entrance control or overcome fences or walls around the plant carrying a bomb.
  • Sabotage in a power plant to disturb the energy production or decrease it to zero: Sabotage performed by employees with a criminal or terrorist motivation is an ongoing threat which needs special protection measures (not necessarily technically oriented).
  • Cyber attack in a power plant to disturb the energy production or decrease it to zero: Cyber attack to the control system of a power plant and the power network to decrease the power distribution

CIRAS tool has proven a real success in the described use cases for both Transportation and Energy CIs. The tool’s flexibility in the combination of different Security Measures and the possibility of recovering previous recorded scenarios make the tool ideal for the objective of the evaluation of different Security Measures alternatives.