CIRAS 1st Stakeholders' Workshop

Katowice, Poland

On March 5th, 2015 the CIRAS consortium welcomed 17 external stakeholders to its first stakeholder workshop in Katowice, Poland. The stakeholders came from Poland, Germany, Spain, and the Netherlands.

The workshop aimed at collecting and structuring user related requirements for the planned CIRAS toolset from as many as possible relevant stakeholders. User related requirements mainly refer to functional properties of the toolset, e.g. concerning quantitative analyses of costs and benefits of security measures, qualitative criteria (like societal, political, legal etc.) to assess the positive and negative impacts of security measures, calculation and presentation of risk reductions etc.
The event started with two introductory presentations from the coordinator Atos and the hosting partner EMAG which provided participants with

  • An overview of the objectives of the CIRAS project,
  • A demonstration of how the software components (coming from the former project ValueSec) of the toolset should work together,
  • A presentation of the concept of the workshop.

The workshop continued with two separate parallel sessions, both dealing with stakeholder requirements as described above, but one session with participants mainly from the industrial/operator sector, the other one with participants from the governmental/public and scientific side, including some representative of Law Enforcement Agencies. This concept ensured to discuss and collect as many different perspectives as possible. The sessions were moderated by CESS and assisted by EMAG and Atos.

At the end of each session the participants were invited to fill a questionnaire which had served as guideline through the session. Thus the whole discussion is reflected by the 15 filled and evaluated questionnaires.
After the individual sessions each group rapporteur summarized the discussion in a final plenary session. A follow-up activity was to collect additional questionnaires from stakeholders which had been invited to the workshop but could not attend it. On the whole about 20 questionnaires have been received which will serve as one important source for defining the user requirements of the CIRAS toolset.