About The Project

CIRAS will provide a methodology and tool set for the assessment and management of risks in a wide range of critical infrastructures and to many possible threats and incidents. The needs and requirements of operational risk management in different CI´s will be identified and transferred into the tools. This way, a large acceptance of this solution can be attained across different CI application domains and nations. CIRAS offers a huge potential to unify and harmonise CI risk assessment across Europe. This potential can also help to harmonise CIP processes and measures across Europe, too. These objectives meet the intentions of the Council Directive 2008/114/EC, its founding documents, the EPCIP process and successor actions.

They will further address common “…identification (and assessment) of risks, threats and vulnerabilities…”, help to develop “measures, principles and guidelines” and harmonised “Operator Security Plans” across NCIs and ECIs. A priority will be common acceptance and use of the methodology in different nations and CI sectors, this way providing or at least improving a basis for better communication and cooperation. These goals will be further promoted via the validation of the tool in the selected CIP areas, with the participation of consortium members, associate partners and external stakeholders. Dissemination of the project results and exchange of knowledge will be organized.

Exchange with the national Liaison Officers, selected ECIP contact points, CIP expert groups, JRC-IPSC and ENISA may be organized, as far as possible. Finally, the quality and reliability of risk assessment, risk forecast and contingency management in the EU will be substantially improved. Results of the project will be presented at relevant EPCIP/ CIP events. This, again, is one of the key priorities of EPCIP . Considering the recent JRC survey on risk analysis tools , the CIRAS project offers a number of highly innovative combined risk assessment and CIP solutions.